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Passwords and YOU.

Hi Everybody,

I would like to think when was the last time you changed your Internet Banking Password, paypal password, email account password and other passwords used to access websites such as ebay, google and internet forums.

If you have used the same username and password for multiple web-sites, it wouldn’t take a hacker or scammer long to gain access to your digital world.

Do you use something simple like a name or a place or even worse just “password”.

You should be using a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols to make a strong password that can’t be cracked easily.

Instead of a password like “password” or “john123″ how about “Johnismybestfriend12″ or even better “J0hn1smyB3stFr3!nd12″

A sentence or phrase is now turned into a 20 character password with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, which will be easier for you to remember and much harder for somebody to crack.

Of course it is hard to remember which web-site has which password if they are all different.

This is where a handy piece of software comes in.

KeePass is and open-source and free which can keep all your web-site passwords in a highly encrypted database which is unlocked with only a Master password.

The really cool thing is that you can have this software on your phone (android, iphone, windows) and laptop, desktop and tablet all pointing to the same password database hosted on a free cloud based storage like dropbox or google drive or microsoft skydrive.

I used to use this software, when I was a technical consultant where I used to work at alot of different sites. I still use it to keep track of my internet passwords.

We all should be changing our Internet Passwords at least every 3 months, or immediately if you think you may have been caught out by a scammer.


Stephen @ Mackereth Technology Services.


Phone Call……

Hi All,

just a reminder to be strong when somebody calls saying that your computer has logged a problem and they want to fix it for you.

I simply asked them what my computer and Firewall IP Addresses were ( Techo Speak).

They just hung up the phone….

Just be strong and ask….


Stephen @ Mackereth Technology Services.



This is a timely reminder to backup your important files on a regular basis.

There is nothing worse than losing work, photos, videos because of a hard drive crash or corruption.

We at Mackereth Technology Services can help you put in place a regular backup strategy so you can sleep easier at night, knowing that all your important files are being backed up.