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Great News!

Hi Everybody,
I am now an official AVG reseller!
AVG logo

I can help you with all of your internet Security and virus protection needs at competitive prices.
Call Stephen today for the best prices on the following products

AVG Internet Security
AVG Anti Virus

These are great Virus Protection products and I have been using AVG for around 7 years now.
I recommend these products to everyone I meet.


Stephen @ Mackereth Technology Services.

The NBN and You.

Hi Everybody,

with the election over (yay), there is an online petition to request the plans for the NBN to be reconsidered! Regardless of your political view, I’m sure most of us would be fans of fibre to the home & speedy internet! Check it out here:


Stephen @ Mackereth Technology Services.


Virus Detection and Removal

Hello Everybody,

  • Is your virus scanning software up to date?
  • Have you run a full system scan recently?
  • Is a virus scan configured to run?
  • Is your computer running slowly?
  • not sure if there is any malware running in the background?

I am currently using the free version of AVG (

and I haven’t got any viruses running on my computers.

We here at Mackereth Technology Services can help you with all of the above questions to make sure that your computer is running in tiptop condition.


Stephen @ Mackereth Technology Services.


Just some Geek humour

(even if it is 2 days late! )

may the 4th